Oravsky Biely Potok

Erb obce Obecný úrad Or. Biely Potok
Oravský Biely Potok 132
027 42 Podbiel

Phone: 043/532 18 00
Fax: 043/532 18 00
E-mail: orbielypotok@stonline.sk
Www: www.orbielypotok.sk


The first written evidence of Oravský Biely Potok is from 1546. Number of inhabitants: 590 Elevation: 644 m a.s.l. Stonemasonry tradition, such as stone- sculptural carvings and crosses products, has been preserved since 1728. Preserved plastics from turn of 19th century can be found in the local cemetery. They were produced at stone workshop in 1728. Twelve stone crosses with relief, approximately 200 years old, were found in the surrounding of the village.Wooden crosses and gravestones are preserved in the cemetery.


Memorial plaque commemorating the World War II victims
Classicistic stonecross from 1801
Classicistic church dedicated to St. Stefan King from 1797 
Wayside stone cross with Virgin Mary from 1801


Súkromie - ubytovňa Nikol , Phone: 043/5395399 , mobil: 0903533677

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