Erb obce Obecný úrad Zábiedovo
Zábiedovo 76
028 01 Trstená

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The first written evidence of Zábiedovo is from 1567. Number of inhabitants: 781 Elevation: 660 m a.s.l. The village is situated in the Skorušina mountain range with rangy terrain.The once separated settlement of Hámričky was added to Zábiedovo in 1870. Actual name of the village was established in 1949. Previously, the village was called:Zawydowo, Zavidovo, Zavidov, Zábido, Zábidov, Zábidovo.The Roman Catholic Church sacred to Godly Heart of Jesus belongs to dominants of the village.Surroundings of village are suitable for hiking.


National cultural sight - chapel with bell tower from turn of the 20th century situated in Hámričky.

Roman Catholic Church of Godly Heart of Jesus from 1931 with chapel of Virgin Mary built in 1995.

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