Museum of Orava village (open-air museum)

The museum is situated right under the steep slopes of Roháče Mountains, just 3 km from village Zuberec. The museum is situated in the middle of a mountain scenery created by the peaks of Pálenica, Sivý vrch (Grey hill) and Brestová hills in the south, by the peak of Osobitá hill in the east and massif called Mních (Monk) in the west. The 20 ha open-air museum was built on the banks of Studený potok (Cold creek). This village represents the collection of characteristic folk buildings from particular regions of Orava.

The open-air museum has been opened to public since 1975. Majority of objects had been bought from previous owners. Then they were taken into pieces, moved and built again in the museum. Other houses were built as copies of authentic buildings.

Photo galery

Ubytovanie v štýlových drevenicach
Pri vstupe do skenzenu
Reštaurácia Koliba pri skanzene
Záber zo skanzenu
Hospodárka budova
Záber z prehliadky skanzenu
Návštevníkov priťahujú aj mnohé podujatia

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