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Folk costumes

The Orava folk costumes are characteristic by variety, colourfulness and originality of patterns. They were mostly made from linen cloth, wool and leather.

Women's costume

Basic parts of women's folk costume were shirts, vests and skirts. During feasts, women usually put on broad black aprons over their skirts. In the past, blue print cloth decorated with many strings was very popular. At the beginning of the 20th century, boots were worn as footwear. Girls and young women wore braids until they got married. Married women wore hooked bonnets.

Men's costume

The men's folk costume consisted of a shirt made of white linen cloth. Men also wore short black vests. Trousers were from white linen cloth decorated with colourful woolen lace or stitches. As an accessory to festal clothes, there was a short jumper worn over the shoulders. Leather folk shoes with long laces were later replaced by leather boots. Most of the time, men wore fur caps or hats. 

The Goral folk costume

This costume has typical features of the Goral areas. It can still be found in the villages of Hladovka and Suchá Hora.

Men's clothes are represented by a hat decorated with a white shell and an eagle or hawk feather, richly embroidered cloth trousers, an embroidered fur vest made of sheepskin and „valaška“ (a typical Slovak axe with a wooden handle and iron blade).

Women's dress consisted of a white long sleeved shirt embroidered with a white perforated stitches, colourful vest decorated with floral ornaments and long laces. Skirts were also colourful and floral. Women usually wore also red beads. The hair style was mainly long braids with laces for young women and older women wore colourful scarfs on their heads.

Photo galery

Goralské kroje zo Suchej Hory
Záber z goralského folklóru
Goralský folklór zo Suchej Hory

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