Low Orava

Low Orava region lies in the southern part of former administrative district Orava. The region of White Orava lies in the north and the region of the Upper Orava lies in the northeast. Frontiers of the Low Orava region are similar to frontiers of Dolný Kubín County.

Eastern part of the region is filled by western ravines of Skorušina hills. In the south there are Choč hills with the highest peak called Veľký Choč (Great Choč) /1608 m/, in the west stretches the part of mountains called Malá Fatra (Small Fatra) and in the middle lie varied highlands called Oravská vrchovina (Orava highlands). The peaks of Veľký Choč (Great Choč), Minčol, Súšava above village Chlebnice and also Šíp above village Kraľovany are popular among tourists. The hill Veľký Choč is considered to be one of the three most picturesque peaks in Slovakia together with Kriváň and Rozsutec peaks.

There are numerous caves in the region of Low Orava. They can be found in the massif of the hill Šíp, in the rocks of Vyšný Kubín and in mountains Malá Fatra near village Kraľovany. However, none of them is open to public.