Orava Reservoir

Orava Reservoir , built in 1953 at the confluence of the rivers Biela Orava and Čierna Orava (White Orava and Black Orava), is the largest recreational water area in Slovakia.Its total area is 35 square kilometers. This popular resort lake with an average depth of 15 m, is excellent for water sports and fishing.

A state ornithological reservation is located at the northeastern arm of the resevoir. Vtáčí ostrov /Birds´Island/is home to various rare bird spieces including heron, great cormorant, spoonbill and others and is rated as one of the important bird areas of Europe.

Another popular attraction is “Slanický ostrov umenia“ called „ Island of the Arts“. The „ Island of the Arts, located in the middle of Orava Reservoir, can be reached by a 160 capacity ship departing daily from a port near Hotel Goral during May through October. The „Island of Arts“ offers traditional Slovak painting and other types of authentic art.

Orava Reservoir ranks among important birds area as well as wetlands of great importance, which are known as „Wetlands of Orava Basin“.

Protected area of forests keeps the banks of Orava Reservoir from extensive erosion. Forests create natural border between water area and the rest of the landscape. Relaxing function of forests has its importance mainly for preserving natural values of Orava Reservoir.

Photo galery

Sightseeing sailing at Orava Reservoir
The Upper Orava – there is Orava Reservoir in the background
Orava Reservoir
Scenery in the surroundings of Orava Reservoir
Autumn at Orava Reservoir
Summer at Orava Reservoir
Orava Reservoir
Orava Reservoir – a view towards the reservoir’s wall

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